Content marketing as a contemporary communication tool – How to get the optimal content mix and what really makes good content can often not be accurately determined from inside view. This is where the outside view helps – often the freelance consultant is very close by and knows the portfolio of content marketing. In particular, small content marketing offices or freelance consultants can help with day-to-day work, with a cost-transparent structure that promotes positive perceptions and clear image gains.

Basically, it’s about creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a well-defined audience. Content in the sense of content marketing can, for. Texts, pictures, videos, podcasts or (info) graphics. Content marketing is based on the address and subject matter of specialist press, consulting and entertainment publications. This makes the marketing employee at the same time an expert, consultant and entertainer and thereby bundles competences, know-how and value propositions. Advertising in its current form is also subject to major changes.

Classic ad agencies are increasingly seeing corporate budgets flowing to PR agencies that deal with social web tactics and strategies. Especially in the area of ​​content marketing, online PR and social media, there are often real experts who can certainly accommodate the big agencies because they have several obvious advantages: flexibility, cost transparency and clear contacts. The fact is that there is currently a trend that puts content marketing in the focus of far-sighted decision-makers for cost reasons, shifting the budgets within the advertising world towards modern media, since it has a sustainable effect at relatively low cost. After all, that is the advantage of any crisis or crisis-ridden time: whoever comes first paints first. And the magic word positioning gains new meaning.


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